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A lot of people out there are abusing their calendars as TODO-lists. Everything they plan to do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow (and so on…), they note on the correspondent page of their almanac – like this:

Tuesday June 10, 2014:
– Do the laundry
– Buy this cool new Gimmick
– Buy food
– Clean up the cellar
– Do this important phone-call that cannot wait

So what is wrong with this?

Have you ever found that after a few days off you only completed half of the stuff you were planning to? The same often happens on a busy day – you plan to accomplish 5 tasks, but everything overruns its time and at the end of the day you’re still busy with your third activity.

In our example above – if you worked your “list” down – the most important task of the day was missed out!

Better solution:
Only put “have to be done on THIS day”-tasks (like “Do this important phone-call that cannot wait”) on your calendar! Everything else goes to a list called “pending”, which has nothing to do with any particular day.

If you completed everything important for a certain day and you still got time, go and take a look at your “pending”-list.

All the credits for this approach go to my favorite productivity-book “Getting Things Done”. If you want to read only one book about productivity – read this one!

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity