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Today I want to blog about a thing that can reduce your amount of work as well as your time efforts like no other thing I can think of: Automation.

Especially if you got recurring tasks, automation can not only save you tons of work and time – it will also make your work more pleasant.

So how can we automate things (at least at our computers – if you’re a craftsman, you will have to buy a hubot 😉 )? The answer is: Automator!


Maybe you do not even know about this little tool, but it has got mighty capabilities.

Let’s say you frequently got to send a screenshot of your screen to the support-team of your company (maybe because you got to do manual click-tests for a web-application being developed or whatever…). A not automated person would have to do this:

1.) Take the screenshot (may involve opening some kind of utility)
2.) Save the image somewhere
3.) Open (switch to) eMail-Applikation
4.) Create eMail (hopefully there is a template, otherwise there is a lot to type…)
5.) Attach screenshot-file
6.) Send mail

All of this together will take between one and two minutes, right?

Now let’s see how to do it in an automated workflow:


As you can see all the manual steps mentioned before can be done by automator. This workflow can be created in five minutes.

In the future the task will be done in five seconds. What a saving of work and time!


Even if your recurring tasks consist of different steps – Automator has a plethora of actions which can be pugged together as easy as 1-2-3. What about your everyday working life? Aren’t there some things that could be automated?

BTW: You can save Automator-workflows as .app-files. This way you can start them with keyboard-shortcuts to gain even more speed 🙂

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