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Fine – now that we found out how to save time by avoiding useless news, let’s see how to stay informed about trends and developments in our spheres of interest the productivity.ninja-way.

As we all know the Internet is full of new informations about all kinds of areas. With a little bit of search you will quickly find ten blogs, websites of magazines and/or fan-pages about a given topic.

Certainly almost nobody has got the time to visit ten places on the internet every day to check for news about his area of interest. There’s got to be a way to bundle all the new stuff of all of these resources in one place! And there is: RSS!

In case you already know about RSS, read on below for an excellent RSS-reader. If you don’t, here is a (very) brief introduction:

On most websites which regularly produce new content you will find a link to a “RSS-feed” (if you cannot find the abbreviation RSS, look out for an orange icon with two white “radio-waves”).
You may have hold this “RSS” to be something for some nerds, since if you click on the link you only find the news you saw on a nicely designed webpage before in an ugly list-format.

The real power of RSS-feeds unfolds if you use them together with a RSS-reader. These apps collect all the news of all your RSS-feeds, remember which items you already read and offer additional search- and filter-options to stay informed productivly.

Today I like to present my RSS-reader: NewsBar


NewsBar is very elegant, can be controlled with swipes and synces your read items via iCloud. This is very useful if you use NewsBar on multiple devices. The things I already read on my iPhone on the go will also be considered as read on my Mac at home.

The most powerful feature for me is the possibility to define keywords (like “productivity”, “iWatch” and so on) to search for in new items. If a new item contains one of the defined keywords it can be found in a special “Keywords”-folder. On busy days I only read the news here so I’m informed about the stuff which is most important to me in a short amount of time.

BTW: productivity.ninja also offers a RSS-feed.

iOS version

Mac version