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As we all know, Mac OS X is wonderful out-of-the-box! 😉

Despite that there are some tweaks you can apply to make the system even more useful.

I’m not going to detail these adjustments here, since others have done a great job doing that already. With today’s post I will introduce one of my favorite tweaks, give a valuable hint to work with the setting and list some links to appropriate resources.

One of the Mac OS X features I love the most ist Quick Look. Just select a file, hit Space and see the content of the file! Once one of my Windows-Fanboy friends said he wouldn’t need Quick Look; his system would be so fast that he could open files with a double-click in their associated applications in the same time. But Quick Look has a lot of advantages over this approach: You can use Quick Look everywhere (for example in “file choose”-dialogs (can be very beneficial to have a second look at a file you want to upload before you actually do – could be the wrong one)) and you can browse through directory-listings with the arrow-keys, seeing the different files (if so of different filetypes) showing up within the Quick Look window.

Anyhow by default you cannot select text in the Quick Look window. If you work with text-files a lot, you may want to change this. The suitable command can be found at many places on the web:

defaults write com.apple.finder QLEnableTextSelection -bool true

After you have restarted Finder (“killall Finder”), it will work like a charm. If you use Finder as your file-management-tool (the files on the Desktop are managed by Finder, too) you’re done here.

But as I wrote before, I use the mighty Forklift as for my file-management. Within Forklift the setting from above will not be effective for Quick Looks triggered from here. Remedy comes from a slightly different command:

defaults write -g QLEnableTextSelection -bool true

Instead applying the flag only for Finder this will apply it globally (for all applications). Now Forklift will come up with the same Quick Look windows.

Quick Look

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