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Just a quick addition to my last post. I got feedback that people didn’t see any of the workflows offered to be useful for them.

So let me share something one wouldn’t necessarily associate with a workflow.

As I wrote before I’m using the NewsBar RSS reader to read my RSS feeds. I’m also using the iCab Mobile Internet browser which has a ton of options to configure it your way to surf the Web (maybe I should do a post about it some day…).

The problem is, when I want to open a link in my RSS reader in iCab Mobile, this happens:

Open in iCab

“URL will be saved! It will open when iCab Mobile is launched the next time!” – Sure not what one expects to happen (I want iCab Mobile to open immediately). I mailed with the developer about it and he says this is due to some iOS restrictions.

Anyhow I found a solution for this, using Workflow:

Workflow opne in iCab

Now I can use “open in…” -> “Run Workflow” -> “Open in iCab” and violà: The page opens in iCab 🙂