Starting from now on I will have a new category on “productivity.ninja”: (IT-)security!

“How is that a productivity topic?” you may ask. Well – considering IT security in your daily work will not actually improve your productivity. But it may save you from loosing all the valuable achievements you worked so hard for.

Ignoring IT security could lead to data loss, theft of data, identity theft or the like, resulting in financial loss, loss of reputation and maybe a lot of recovery time. The latter will hit your productivity twice: You will have to redo work you already did and you will not get around to do the work you would normally have to do.

Applying security to your IT is not rocket science, but needs a little bit of catching up with the newest threats.

So stay tuned for the posts about security to come. In the meantime I would recommend you – if you haven’t already – to add some source of security news to your daily readings. Some URLs:

http://www.heise.de/security/news/ (German)