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My today’s post is “inspired” by an idea I got from reading Tim Ferris’s Blogpost ‘How to Say “No” When It Matters Most’. Since he admits he “borrowed” the “HELL YEAH!”-notion by himself from Derek Sivers, I think he will not be too upset about it. And I will apply the thought to a concrete example of use, so I hope I will add some value to the matter.

So what is this “HELL YEAH!” or “NO!” thing? It’s about saying “no” to things. Not to all of them, but to all the things not being a “I really-really want (or have) to do this”. This way you can clean up your mind, desktop, download-folder, whatever; and concentrate on what matters most.

Today the opportunities to fill up our time are literally endless. Even if your day would have 48 hours you couldn’t study all the articles people send you links for, read all the Facebook posts your friends came up with or keep up-to-date with all the new stuff on Netflix. And if you are eager to learn and zest for action like me, it’s even worse – the Internet if full of knowledge to absorb and there are at least 5 sportive activities I would like to try out some day.

Long story told short – the world is full of “cool stuff”. And for a much too long time this “cool stuff” distracted my focus from the “HELL YEAH!” stuff.

While it is easy to say goodbye to “definitely no!”-stuff, “cool stuff” is hard to get rid of – it is never important enough to deal with and to cool to discard. At the time I read Tim’s post, the “todo” folder of my mail application was filled up with more than 50 mails. The very most of them invitations to cool webcasts, links to cool free downloads, newsletters containing cool gimmicks and the like.

I decided to clean up this mess which had piled up for over a year by applying the “HELL YEAH!” or “NO!” idea. Everything without an essential value for my future life had to go. First it hurt a bit to toss away all these cool opportunities. But in the end I felt great when my “todo” folder dwindled away to three (!) mails.

The feeling to be back on the top of your tasks is so much better than the missed chance to download a fancy iconset! Try it for yourself 😉