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Finally! Finally I found a way to do something I wanted to do for a long time: Send stuff (text, links, pictures, …) to my sleeping Mac without having to do it in form of an eMail (or creating a todo, list item or whatever)!

There are plenty of options to beam files and alike to your Mac while it is running. Like using AirDrop or even SFTP (I used that back in the days when AirDrop wasn’t ready).

But most of the time I’m on my way (with my iMac sleeping at home) when I discover stuff with my iPhone which would be better to try-out/study/read/view on the big screen. Usually newsfeed items I scan in my Newsbar app. Frequently I find interesting articles which are just too long to finish within the current waiting period or they cover cool Mac tools/tricks which I have to try out on my iMac anyhow.

The first thing which comes to mind to “transfer” these articles to your Mac is to add them to the Reading List. Well – I don’t use this one any more. What should be some kind of “read later” list regularly turned into a “read never” list in my Safari’s sidebar. Because – you know – if you store it there – no reason to hurry – it’s in good hands until you find the time to read it (never).

Alternatives are sending an eMail (which will clog up your inbox), creating todos or list items (same  problem as with the Reading List) or taking a note in your Notes app (same same but different).

A new version of the app DeskConnect is here to the rescue! Being around for quite some time, but always cumbersome to use, it now has a share extension 😀


Now when I want to send a news item to my iMac, I head to the share menu and tap the DeskConnect icon. Voilà – next time I wake up my Mac all the sent stuff is waiting in the DeskConnect companion app.


“How is this approach better than any other list approach?” you may ask. Well – beside the very smooth workflow to open the transferred stuff, the application forces you to do a “HELL YEAH! or NO!”-decision. After 30 days your stuff will be gone for good. This way you can kiss good-by to all these “when I ever find the time”-links.

The connection also works for files and text. And it also works the other way around (Mac -> iPhone), so for example you can quickly type a text on Mac’s keyboard and beam it to your iPhone without any of the usual detours like paste it into a note.
But note: Files will run through the vendor’s server. So if you are a security minded person (which you should be), you may not want to use the service for confidential stuff.