Being an IT security engineer it is my daily job to enter all kind of texts into the keyboard of my laptop computer. Thanks to the 10-finger-system this is a rather effortlessly task.
On my iPhone on the other hand I entered stuff laboriously letter by letter until recently.

Sure, this alternative to “swipe” words instead of typing them has been around for a while. And as an inquisitive person I tried it out as soon as custom keyboards made their appearance on iOS.

As far as I remember it was “SwiftKey Keyboard” I tested in the field. It didn’t convinced me at all. Somehow it never came up with the words I intended to swipe and I spent more time in correcting then I would have spent by typing them in in the first place.

So this topic was finished for me for a long time. Until I decided to give it a new shot with another custom keyboard – “Path”.

In the beginning I faced the same problems I had faced before. But this time I decided not to give up on it so fast again. After all these kind of keyboards have a lot of fans and this has to have a reason!

Over time I got used to the usage of the new keyboard. Before swiping a word I spend a short moment to envisage the swipe path I would have to take. Very quickly my swiping got better and better.

Even though I sometimes don’t accurately “hit” every single letter of the intended word, Path displays a bar with words that come close to my swiping. This way I manage to reach a pretty good success rate.

Overall my mobile texting accelerated a lot. I can only suggest to try it out for yourself. You will find swiping words is not only faster – it also makes a lot of fun (I think this is because of the sense of achievement every “nailed” word will give you). If it doesn’t convince you immediately remember to practice a bit and watch the magic unfold 😉

BTW: This text was swiped on “Path Keyboard” on a plane. Before I never would have thought I would ever write a text of more than maybe 300 characters on my iPhone…